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Top 5 Data Areas During A Sap System Decommissioning
Submitted by Enver Albers on May 26, 2023 in Tech

Discover the crucial elements to ensure a thorough SAP system decommissioning and validate the integrity of your archives. In this article, we highlight the top five areas that demand special….

We Have Asked Chatgpt – Openai What It Thinks About It Legacy Systems
Submitted by Enver Albers on May 1, 2023 in Tech

Legacy systems are IT systems that have been in use for several years or even decades and are still being used despite being technologically outdated. These systems may consist of….

Most It Projects Fail: 75% Of Projects Fall Short Of Goals
Submitted by Enver Albers on April 3, 2023 in Business

IT projects are not always successful—such is the price of innovation. Yet, depending on the source, up to 85% of these projects fail, which seems astronomical. In contrast to other….

Unternehmenszu- Und -verkäufe (mergers & Acquisitions)
Submitted by Enver Albers on March 7, 2023 in Tech

Haben Sie aufgrund einer Firmenübernahme einen zukünftigen Bedarf, ein System zu archivieren? Mit unserer Archivierungslösung ViewBox können wir Ihre Daten aus dem Altsystem für Sie archivieren. Du siehst dich im….

Complete Solutions For It Legacy System & Application Decommissioning
Submitted by Enver Albers on January 13, 2023 in Tech

As a spin-off of the famous and globally active auditing and tax consulting business Mazars GmbH & Co. KG, AvenDATA was established in 2003. (www.mazars.com). We have risen to the….

Mergers And Acquisitions Solutions | Avendata
Submitted by Enver Albers on October 31, 2022 in Tech

Do you have a future requirement to archive a system due to a company acquisition? With our ViewBox archiving solution, you are well prepared and can sit back and relax….

It Legacy Systems – Archiving Legacy Systems | Avendata
Submitted by Enver Albers on October 3, 2022 in Tech

We have been archiving legacy systems for international companies for many years. Our expertise ranges from structured data from ERP or CRM systems, for example, to archiving unstructured data from….